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      Multi-Roll Tape Dispenser多卷膠帶座[產品打印頁面]

      產品名稱: Multi-Roll Tape Dispenser多卷膠帶座
      產品型號: 134680000
      產品展商: 其它品牌
      產品文檔: 無相關文檔


      Multi-Roll Tape Dispenser

      Multi-Roll Tape Dispenser多卷膠帶座  的詳細介紹
      Scienceware® Write-On™ Labeling Tape or any tape with a 76mm (3") ID core will fit on the drum which includes disks to prevent rolls from binding against each other. A hand can rest on the large writing surface, 102 x 152mm (4" x 6") that has a built in cutting serrations. Base dimensions: 26 x 15 x 11cm high (10-1/4" x 6"x4-3/8"). Weight 2.3 kg (5 lbs). Order tape separately. Per each
      Holds multiple rolls of labeling tape
      • Mix colors with different widths to make a dispenser that matches specific needs
      • Flat writing surface helps make neater labels
      • Heavy steel base is coated for easy cleaning and has rubber feet to stop sliding on bench
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